Tips For Choosing The Right Mobile Testing Services Provider

September 29, 2017


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A wide range of mobile devices, ISPs, screen sizes, and operating systems, altogether has made the mobile testing sphere has become more tangled than ever. Product companies today face a dilemma of adapting to the evolving market trends and to the expectations of the users. Businesses need to optimize coverage and stay up-to-the-minute with the rapidly changing mobile sphere.

While looking for a mobile testing services provider, there are various considerations a prospective client should make note of. A dedicated mobile testing facility that offers mobile test automation as a key service in the testing package, the provider’s ability to test device compatibility and the provider’s experience.

Dedicated Facility

A mobile testing lab is where all the major testing and quality assurance takes place. With a reputation of a business at stake, a testing services provider should provide the latest devices and emulators. Given the world of advancing technologies any product company has to face, mobile testing comes as a challenge. So, a reliable partner which is able to provide efficient testing on various service providers, operating systems and devices becomes critical.

Device Compatibility

Device compatibility has become mandatory nowadays. The testing provider should have access to all the leading handheld devices so that the application may be tested on all possible devices for the best possible user experience.

Experience and Expertise

Best results can only be expected if the hired mobile testing services provider has a certain level of experience and expertise. Discovering the provider’s expertise in the same domain the application that needs to be tested is in is an added bonus. The provider’s access to advanced tools and technologies is another point product companies must consider before making a decision.

To sum up these prerequisites, here is a list of pointers which a business should consider before choosing a QA provider. Does the prospective provider have?

• A certified and experienced team of mobile testers

• Access to the latest tools and technology

• The ability to optimize test cases according to the latest mobile market trends

• Mobile testing on all leading operating systems

• A well-equipped lab for testing on emulators as well as real devices


Today, smartphones have replaced the traditional usage of desktops and laptops. This shift has affected not only the customers, but the businesses who are always on a pursuit to deliver the best user experience. Whether a business is into construction or any other kind of industry, a mobile application is the best possible way to reach the potential audience and promote the services and brand. And with a plethora of mobile devices available in the market, a testing services provider becomes essential for delivering a quality product.