What Is Cloud Testing?

September 29, 2017


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Cloud, cloud computing, cloud hosting, etc. are terms that were relatively unknown till some time ago. Now, the global adoption of cloud has increased and is expected to grow multifold in the coming years due to the many benefits that it provides. Software testing in the cloud, is one of these benefits. Cloud testing allows the use of cloud environments to simulate real-world user activity and traffic, eliminating the need for large investments in hardware and software that is only sporadically used. With business applications becoming increasingly complex, cloud testing also provides the scalability required to adequately test for real-world scenarios.

An application should be tested for five parameters: Performance, Security, Availability, Disaster Recovery, Ability and Multi-Tenancy. Testing for all this in the cloud has helped companies offering software testing services to profoundly improve their services.

Cloud testing allows service providers to cover a range of software quality engineering services, some of which are:

  • Testing applications hosted on the cloud on the security front to determine how secure these applications are
  • Combination testing of applications hosted on different clouds
  • Performance testing, Stress testing and Load testing of applications hosted on the cloud
  • Testing of applications hosted on the cloud on the compatibility front by generating requests of various operating systems, browsers and platforms, leveraging cloud environments

Benefits of Cloud testing

Cost efficiency
With cloud testing, one can easily migrate data to data centers which are remotely located enabling access of data at anytime and from anywhere. It helps in reducing costs on infrastructure equipment and its maintenance and management. Additionally, it helps in gaining rapid Return on Investment, thus, making it possible for you to reap the benefits of software quality engineering without dealing with overheads.

Agile Development
Cloud testing helps bolster agile paradigms such as continuous integration and delivery by facilitating the constant testing and releases of code and patches.

Custom Testing
There are new devices being released every day, making it even harder for software testers to test applications and ensure they work properly across all of these devices. Several quality testing teams do not focus on testing for hardware for precisely this reason, leading to problems after a software has been released. With cloud testing, quality engineering teams can ensure application compatibility across devices as they can run tests on a wide range of devices through the cloud.

So to sum up the benefits of cloud testing: it is flexible, scalable, can test complex environments comprising several mobile operating systems, platform arrangements and browsers at relatively low costs.