Change My Software 7 Edition

Change My Software 7 Edition is a program that has successfully provided a way to counter fragmentation and incompatibility between operating systems. The program’s purpose is to change your Android phone’s OS from Jellybean, KitKat, or Lollipop, to the wildly popular Windows 7. The great thing about this software is that you would have dual boot on your device, which means that you have both the Android OS and the Windows 7 OS on one device. Technology has really been booming this past decade with the emergence of different gadgets such as smart phones, tablets, and laptops. With this range and diversity, fragmentation has been quite a problem between these devices due to the differences in manufacturers, compatibility, and essentially, operating systems. Different software tend to not work well with each other, making some apps clunky and unusable. Change My Software 7 is a solution that change your Android into a Windows 7 Edition device!
Change My Software 7 Edition: Windows 7 is one of the premier operating systems that Microsoft put out in recent years. Even though many people may not remember it, it was absolutely a game changer when it was released. It was called one of the best at the time, and today, it can still run quite powerfully. Consider some of the main features that were evident with the release of this iteration of the operating system.
Change My Software 7 Edition: Windows tiled in previous iterations of the operating system was cumbersome to create. With this update, Windows 7 allowed for easy changes in tiling, and setting up your desktop any which way you wanted with a simple drag.
Change My Software 7 Edition: With the updates to the tiling, the taskbar, and the overall look and feel of the OS, Microsoft updated all the Windows key strokes so that you can have shortcuts do a lot of the menial tasks that you would normally have to click through etc.
Change My Software 7 Edition: Windows 7 had native interactions with ISO functions. If you wanted to burn a disc or any media type using an ISO file, you could do so with a right click and that’s it. No more downloading software, this became native.
Change My Software 7 Edition: All computers that had multitouch capabilities were now easily adopted into the Windows platform. It was a standards with this update, allowing for easier implementation of what would become tablets and surfaces today.
Change My Software 7 Edition: Up first, the task bar was redesigned. Some people compared it to the OSX from MAC and it really did look that way at first glance. The larger icons worked well with the transparent backgrounds, as well as changing up the properties and more. This taskbar was fundamentally changed, streamlined, and cut to fit the new wave of design that users demanded.
  • Application: Change My Software 7 Edition
  • Version: 1.2 (New Version)
  • License: Freeware
  • Size: 6.64 MB