Change My Software 8 Edition

Change My Software 8 Edition is a program that has successfully provided a way to counter fragmentation and incompatibility between operating systems. The program’s purpose is to change your Android phone’s OS from Jellybean, KitKat, or Lollipop, to the wildly popular Windows 8. The great thing about this software is that you would have dual boot on your device, which means that you have both the Android OS and the Windows 8 OS on one device. Technology has really been booming this past decade with the emergence of different gadgets such as smart phones, tablets, and laptops. With this range and diversity, fragmentation has been quite a problem between these devices due to the differences in manufacturers, compatibility, and essentially, operating systems. Different software tend to not work well with each other, making some apps clunky and unusable. Change My Software 8 is a solution that change your Android into a Windows 8 Edition device!
Change My Software 8 Edition: Windows 8 is one of the premier releases from Microsoft. Upon the release of this operating system, many jumped up from Windows 7, and were confused by the evolution of the system. Many didn’t immediately understand the changes, but as more and more people got used to them, it was clear that the company had a good design and technical sense about them. Consider some of the main features that are exhibited amidst this upgrade.
Change My Software 8 Edition: One of the highlights of Windows 8 was the tiling that you saw upon startup. The tiling was meant to attract tablets and mobile devices. Touch screens on laptops were also considered with this update. The full UI catered to this notion of running applications rather than just windows based tiling.
Change My Software 8 Edition: The company called this “charms”, but it was a way to reinvent the start bar, and change it up completely. This allowed for essential changes, admin settings, and updates to easily be opened up with a “swipe”. This goes back to the “touch” based interface. This “start” option would allow for integrative movement from the home screen and other elements and programs.
Change My Software 8 Edition: Running two applications side by side without resizing was made intuitive. You could easily position two different windows snapped and resized to allow for more viewing. This is an automated element that allows for better productivity.
Change My Software 8 Edition: From the copy experience that let you copy and paste faster, to the web navigation by Touch, you’ll find that the improvements abounded across the board. Enhanced keyboard settings for tablets, lighter load on RAM, and a new control panel were also among the updates that Windows 8 received.
Change My Software 8 Edition: This was an interesting update in that it allowed tablets and ARM processing computers to run the same operating system. As long as the chipsets were from Intel and AMD, ARM was very much possible. It also ensured that tablets and mobile devices kept moving forward with an “always” on feature.
  • Application: Change My Software 8 Edition
  • Version: 1.3 (New Version)
  • License: Freeware
  • Size: 7.38 MB