Change My Software XP Edtion

Why we created Change My Software XP Edition? Technology has really been booming this past decade with the emergence of different gadgets such as smart phones, tablets, and laptops. With this range and diversity, fragmentation has been quite a problem between these devices due to the differences in manufacturers, compatibility, and essentially, operating systems. Different software tend to not work well with each other, making some apps clunky and unusable. But there is a solution that change your Android into a Windows XP device!

It’s called Change My Software XP Edition which is a program that has successfully provided a way to counter fragmentation and incompatibility. The program’s purpose is to change your Android phone’s OS from Jellybean, KitKat, or Lollipop, to the wildly popular Windows XP. The great thing about this software is that you would have dual boot on your device, which means that you have both the Android OS and the Windows XP OS on one device. It will give your tablet or phone a refreshed look, and is especially handy when your manufacturer is no longer giving upgrades to the system on your device. Windows apps such as MS Office will also work seamlessly on the fast and lightweight Windows XP. Every feature of Windows XP is available at your fingertips thanks to the Change My Software XP.

Change My Software 7 Edition
  • APPLICATION: Change My Software XP
  • VERSION: 1.5 (New Version)
  • LICENSE: Freeware
  • SIZE: 7.36 MB

Change My Software 10 Edition

Change My Software 8.1 Edition

Change My Software 8 Edition

Change My Software 7 Edition