Change My Software – Your new refreshed tablet or phone

Written below are the instructions on how to install Windows on your Android device

For the requirements of the program, you will need:

  • Android tablet or phone
  • USB cable
  • Change My Software
  • Internet connection

The installation process will take about 15 minutes

Before you start the process, please make sure that you have enabled USB debugging on your Android device.

To install Windows on your Android device, the first step is to connect your open tablet or phone to your computer through the USB cable.

Second, find the Change My Software application on your computer and run it. Once the installer opens, click “Android > Windows X”. Alternatively, you can click “Windows X > Android” to revert back to your original Android. After the compatibility check is done, click “continue”.


Important step so make sure you choose carefully

The third step is to choose your preferred language. After this, the preparation will now start, and it will take several minutes to finish. Before clicking install, make sure that you have not checked the box “Remove Android”. Otherwise, it will void your warranty. Plus it’s best to have two operating systems.

After the installation has been completed, your device will reboot. At this time, it is fine to close the installer on your computer.


Beautiful Windows animation

Your device should now boot up into a beautiful Windows animation, which will signify a successful install.

Once the boot is done, you will be taken to a screen which will give you two operating systems to choose from. Pick the installed Windows, which will be the first option.

The first login will take some time as it needs to optimize your apps for your new OS.



Now you have Windows installed on your device. Your home screen will have that tiled look with all your apps running smoothly.

Video example of Change My Software 8

A refreshed Android experience through the use of the Windows operating system is now readily available to you on your device. You can now explore your new OS, customize it, tweak its settings, and personalize it to fit your needs. It’s a beautiful OS so make sure you tell your friends about it as well!